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Friday, August 7, 2015

Tutoring experiences and changes | Charlie

Image credit: Sandra Schleter (CC-BY -2.0)

Tutoring experiences and changes | Charlie: By Lyn Oxley I’m Lyn, a student at CSU studying the M. Education (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation) via Distance Education. In 1998, I was employed as a tutor for the Batchelor Institute, Northern Territory – a tertiary college for Indigenous students.

I tutored a student who was studying to be a teacher’s aide (education support). We worked in a Community Education Centre (CEC) in a remote area of NT and tutoring took place face-to-face. Batchelor Institute posted workbooks in the mail for the student to complete and handwritten responses were posted back for marking; the flood at Katherine that year slowed the process down considerably due to reliance on the physical receipt of work. I remember a workshop was held at the CEC on how to use the internet; dial up speed was exceedingly slow due to a dozen users trying..

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